Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Tuesday poem #356 : Nicole Raziya Fong : *EACH DAY ENDING IN GRADATION AND SEVERITY

As though the shores established at the boundaries of memory might be rinsed, disinfected—the sands free of debris, replete. This perfection procedurally marred at the edges. Beyond which a matted logic of sea grass, shells and cigarettes maintains. Systematic.

In the oceanic seeming of continuance,        I lost
my name     salient, [[[[then, in a seeming
vitality of remorse—] each day ending          in discursive vitality        

                             [         beneath your name,
its tenor and sustaining mystery]]]       —each day  within this garden
each day                ending                  in a fearless divide  [[[unresolved, remaining    fully apparent        ] circumstantially forthright, I searched        

          amidst a glazed perpetuity                                                        varieties of disclosure             [[[ in damaged fountains of creation I found ]]] I found there            every lasting notion                            of retrieval,            salience      

through certain dominations of facticity I came to cast a factually determined glance                                                composed only to fade in an emblem of remorse! [ fade along this futurity        ]]]] a deeply decisive anchoring!
For this suffering topic to retrieve itself
  in the resplendence of ongoing hesitancy

deeply withheld…

Nicole Raziya Fong is a poet living in Montréal. She is the author of PEЯFACT (Talonbooks, 2019). Past work has appeared or is forthcoming in publications including Cordite, The Volta, Social Text, Poetry will be made by all!, filling Station & in translation in exit.

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