Friday, November 28, 2008

Recently Acquired &Available for Review!

Review a Dusie Press Book or chap and publish it at another review and you will receive another trade paperback as well, your Dusie choice! If you have a copy of the book and want to review it, please do ! For copies that are not available, please send a query as I may be able to secure one!

*soon to be updated! if you want to review a book please backchannel!

email me direct for more info: dusieli [at] gmail [dot] com

*available copies for review and/or pdf copy review... in exchange, books!

:::Chaps/Book-Art/ Objects:::

* Spell/ing ( ) Bound, Cara Benson, Kai Fierle-Hedrick and Kathrin Shaeppi, poetic matter, book-art object Ellectrique Press, Basel 2008 ***
* UP, Cara Benson, Cy-Gist Press/Dusie Chap Kollektiv, 2008
Art is War, Anne Boyer, Mitzvah Chaps, 2008
* Humoresque, E. Tracy Grinnell, Blood Pudding Press/Dusie Chap Kollektiv, 2008***
*Articulate How, Catherine Wagner, BIG GAME BOOKS/Dusie Chap Kollektiv, 2008***
*from here, Zoe Skoulding/Simonetta Moro, ypolita/dusie chap, 2008***
*Turning, Mark Lamoureaux, frolic & detour press/dusie chap, 2008***
*Spells, a Ceremony Above, Arielle Guy dusie chap, 2008***
*Book of Silhouettes, Anna Fullford Dusie Chap 2008***
* Like the Native Tongue the Vanquished, Brownwen Tate, Cannibal Books,**

*Metaphors for Miscarriage, Mackenzie Carignan CR79 Books/Dusie Chap Kollektiv 2008,
.compilate. j/j hastain, livestock editions, 2008

*The Stars on the 7:18 to Penn, Ana Bozicevic, Ellectrique Press/Dusie Chap Kollektiv, 2008***
*Lost Workbook w/Letters to Deer, Catherine Meng, auch/Dusie Chap Kollektiv, 2008***
Kunst zu TEXTEN, Andrew Shields mit KUNST zu Texten Claudio Moser, 2/2 Darling Editions, Köln,

(sorted by author surnames, alphabetically)

*Correspondance With Nobody, Anne Blonstein, Ellectrique Press, Basel 2008
* In the Bird Museum, Kristy Bowen, Dusie Press Books, 2008
The Romance of Happy Workers, Anne Boyer. Coffee House Press,
Hemogenic Love Poems, Jules Boykoff, Heretical Texts/Factory School
*T=I=D=Y Language, Daniel Bradley Outlands, 2008
*Holiday, Jennifer Firestone, Shearsman
*The Tree of No, Sandy Florian Action Books, 2008
*Tinderbox Lawn, Carol Guess ROSE METAL PRESS, 2008
Holy Land, Rauan Klassnik, Black Ocean 2008
that gorgeous feeling, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Coconut Books 2008

: ab ovo :
jenn mccreary, Dusie Press Books, 2008
Novaless, Nicholas Manning, Otoliths, 2008
My Zorba, Danielle Pafunda, BLOOF Books,
* STRATA, Joe Ross, Dusie Press Books, 2008
Book Left Open in the Rain, Barry Schwabsky, Brooklyn Rail Blacksquare Editions,
Warsaw Bikini, Sandra Simonds BLOOF Books,
* The Singers, Logan Ryan Smith, Dusie Press Books, 2007
Stephanie Strickland Ashanta Press,
*Wardolly, Elizabeth Treadwell Chax Press, 2008
Cornstarch Figurine, Elizabeth Treadwell, Dusie Press Books, 2006
Heron/Girlfriend, Jen Tynes Coconut Books,

: : :Anthologies: : :

Letters to Poets: Conversations about Poetics, Politics, and Community, Firestone, Jennifer & Dana Teen Lomax, eds Saturnalia Books, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

dusie news . . .reviews . . . CALLS

'Tis been a long while since I have posted here, much has occured in way of publishing large and small in way of Dusie, the kollektiv chap publishing projekt and Dusie Books. It is the third year in way of the kollektiv. Jessica Smith has created a new platform for Dusie in way of Dusie Reviews, which will hopefully be the non-sequitor answer in creating more reviews and more importantly discussions in way of modern poetics and Dusie. Either email Jessica or myself if you would like a review copy of either a forthcoming chap or one previously published via the Dusie Kollektiv Chap Projekt. Most are available on Go to goodreads and enter the search phrase "Dusie" For each Dusie review published I will offer Dusie goods, in way of wee chaps, books and Dusie Kollektiv Chaps. So, go get yr Dusie groove on, over 107 chaps are already listed, many of which have free pdf's attached.

Dusie Blog is presently transitioning into a new review blog which is accepting and publishing news and updates of Dusie poets, as well as all sorts of reviews of poetry books(for all books, author need not have appeared in the journal previously) essays, poetic objects, interviews, et al. I will also list books received. So, if you would like your book, chap or poetic object to be listed, featured and/or considered for review please send 2 copies here. If you only have limited funds or copies, no worries, 1 copy will suffice. Or if you have a pdf copy of the book that works too (and I will only send it out for reviews of course) Naturally, Book-in hand reviews are preferred, but sometimes virtual routes must be taken! Any questions or ideas, or if you are a Dusie poet (previously published in Dusie or one of the kollektiv's) Please lemme know! of any new news and or publications!

Vielen Dank!!!

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