Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Tuesday poem #498 : Chris Kerr : Skeuomorph


I like my anthrax faxed to me.
The number’s on my site.
Trace it with your hacksaw please
and snort the dust it bites.

I think it’s 2001
an iPodyssey.
I see pod people. Annie

get your hand gun.

I get my ass handed to me,
Xeroxed, by my boss,
my monster truck tailed,

my workplace doxed.

It takes a detachment of veterans
to detach my retinal scanner
from my smart lightbulb.

I sand my fingerprints down on yours
to ten circular sores.




Chris Kerr lives in London. His chapbook Extra Long Matches is out now with Penteract Press. His first collection, Nam Gal Sips Clark, was published by Hesterglock Press. His first pamphlet, Citidyll, was published by Broken Sleep Books. He is the co-author of ./code --poetry with Daniel Holden. Find him on Twitter @c_c_kerr and via chriskerrpoet.com 

the Tuesday poem is curated by rob mclennan

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