Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Tuesday poem #483 : df parizeau : DFW


after Lindsey Jordan

I’m feeling low
I’m not into sometimes.

Decisiveness shines
in your eyes,
contrasts the radiant
afternoon sky:

linoleum gray.

The terminal floor—
a full stop—
your face,
piercing me
like flechettes of light

I will soon ascend

Turning around
as I cross the terminal,
our three year rule broken.

Our three year rule broken
as I cross the terminal:
turning around.

Beyond, I will soon
ascend clouds,
like flechettes of light.

Piercing me,
your face
a full stop.

The terminal floor
linoleum gray.

Afternoon sky
contrasts the radiant
in your eyes—
decisiveness shines:

I’m not into sometimes
I’m feeling low.



df parizeau is a scottish/french settler, writer, fibre artist and chronic pain sufferer, who still ties their shoes "bunny-ears" style. Their work has been featured online and in print by publications in Canada, Finland, the UK, and the US. They have a firm belief in the 3-0 curveball and that cherry is the best pie. Their debut chapbook dissections was released in 2022 with above/ground press.

the Tuesday poem is curated by rob mclennan

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