Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Tuesday poem #475 : Kimberley Orton : doublestitch/gran


pitching woo to an old bird like her

we fall in love with notions (she fell in love with nolan ryan)

curve cast fast ball red thread warning (she called him her boyfriend)

sharing secret, midnight kitchen, root beer floats

for girls only stitch stories about what we know

of my broken dad and what we think i see

fork lightning past sheet rain/glass windows, flash

flood of sweet hard ruby ribbon

candy beckon you watch me, curious, hone it to a point

needle between teeth crunch confess

i trust lick strawberry pudding slowly

from the lid’s sharp edge you marvel smile

your eyes disappear
cheeks gather rise like the dawn
over fairy lake i love my hand melting into yours, always

paddle my salty toes in your purple granny bathwater

lavender everything even grandpa cold floor quick knit

slippers air heats sunshine marmalade jam we make

with love your big arms squeezing

me (all) together warmed in mourning




Kimberley Orton is a writer, poet, photographer who lives by the lake in downtown Toronto. Recently shortlisted for CV2’s Foster Poetry Prize, Kimberley’s poems have been published by The West End Phoenix, League of Canadian Poets, CV2, Book of Matches and Understorey Magazine. Mostly known for her writings about strong women who, through sharing their stories, are able to (re)connect themselves to one another, to notions of sanity, and to a feeling of place, Kimberley is exploring themes of love, loss, and memory in fragments in a new hybrid forms collection. She is currently completing her MFA in Creative Writing at UBC.

Website: kimberleyorton.com
IG: @om.kimberley

Twitter: @ki9

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