Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Tuesday poem #405 : William Vallières : SOLITUDES



When I was old enough to ask
I asked my dad the difference

apart from language, of course

between us and les anglais.

“Apart from language, apart from language…”
He took my hand, led me down Dundas

and ordered from a vendor

a hot dog, all dressed.

He placed it in my hand.
“Out here, no matter where you go

when you order a hot dog

the hot dog bun comes cold.

A cold hot dog bun, you see that?”
I looked down

considered its dry mouthfuls

the horrible walls of bread.

“Now, eat it,” dad said.
And I sat on a bench

and chewed and chewed on it

and everything was clear.




William Vallières is a Montreal poet. His first book of poems, Versus, is out now with Véhicule Press. His work has appeared in Best Canadian Poetry 2019, The Walrus, Event, Grain, and Plenitude.

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