Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tuesday poem #373 : Matea Kulić : Emailing

Emailing a message, emailing an answer, emailing a reply, emailing a response.

Emailing a thank you for the email! emailing a that’s so great to hear!
Emailing a see you there! Emailing a ok, thanks for letting me know!

Emailing to subscribe, emailing to unsubscribe, emailing the waitlist, receiving an automatically generated email.

Starring an email, looking at one “of many” emails, wondering what ever happened to that email, deleting all drafts lest they become cold.

Emailing a happy face emoji, adding a Carbon Copied recipient, emailing a monkey covering his eyes, adding a Blind Carbon Copied recipient.

Emailing the judge, emailing my friend in Spain, emailing a carpenter, emailing my sister.

Emailing to re-affirm my commitment, emailing to cancel, emailing to support your campaign, using the contact form since an email has not been provided.

Sending an email with “no subject,” scheduling my send so that you can’t tell what time I’m emailing, signing into another email account, a reminder to set-up mail forwarding.

Creating a new label for work emails, finding a forgotten old emails to follow up on label, creating a newer Urgent! label, creating the label: emails for later.

Emailing to say sorry, emailing to say could we talk about this later next week?, emailing to say emailing may not be the best format for this discussion, emailing my phone number.

Not emailing. Pretending not to check emails on my phone, deleting duplicate and unimportant emails, emailing a few pics.

Emailing about what we’ll eat tonight, emailing a recipe, wondering if we should invite some friends over later, emailing a Google Cal invite.

Emailing to say, yes, emailing to say excited, emailing a poem, emailing to say thanks for all the back-and-forth.  

*This poem got its start from the poem “Reading” in Jacqueline Turner’s Flourish. The poem begins “Reading quotes, tweets, snippets.”
**According to a 2017 Survey, Canadians spend 17 hours a week, reading, responding and sending emails.

MATEA KULIĆ is the author of chapbooks PAPERWORK (Anstruther Press, 2019) and FRAU L. (Perro Verlag Books by Artists, 2016).

the Tuesday poem is curated by rob mclennan

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