Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Tuesday poem #344 : Kimberly Campanello and Léonce Lupette : from [COR]

tu cuerpo es la fruta cuyo fin no es

otro que vergüenza por su poderosidad

la chair de faute

the faulty flesh

no good lives in there

but that good we have to salvage or to savage

no matter what the cost I look best in jewel

tones and holy medals gathering roots

and mouldy staples where did they

put me those supercheries? nary a chapel!

you have me? super cherry trees don’t

do so well in bathtubs root bound

in an instant so super charry

rising we have a pope chéri or rather

me in your garden wall cover me

in ghee make me make you strong

si nous vivons nous vivons pour

si nous mourons nous mourons pour


in-mergées dans la mort

   pour que périsse le corps

       pour it:





envés en vez dautre choses

birds are feral flyers shitting out orange trees          colosses
neighbourly co-loss of 7 rosemary bushes     colosses

touch doorway touch head touch bell touch co-loss
a weave-off a rack telepathic torture pang     co-loss

does femicide make sense to you in your body        co-loss

have you one touching

Kimberly Campanello’s recent project, MOTHERBABYHOME, a 796-page book of conceptual and visual poetry on the St Mary’s Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, Ireland, was published in April 2019 by zimZalla Avant Objects. Also in April, above/ground press released running commentary along the bottom of the tapestry. A dual Irish and American citizen, she lives in York, UK. She is Programme Leader for Creative Writing and a member of the Poetry Centre in the School of English at the University of Leeds.

Léonce W. Lupette is a Franco-German multilingual writer and translator. He currently lives in Buenos Aires. His latest works include the poetry book Äkste & Änkste denxte (Fadel&Fadel, 2017), and the translation and edition of Hölderlin's latest poetry: Poesía última (with M.G. Burello, El hilo de Ariadna, 2016).

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