Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Tuesday poem #342 : Terese Mason Pierre : Subject

And yet again
The sun is not afraid of anything
I, too, present no threat to
the buffeted comfort
you purchased that time
I covered
the blue flowers on my cheeks
with an invisible dusting

Everything the light touches
is something to conquer,
to contain. I am in a
brass container, your fingers
brush the edges. I can see the inside
of your nose, into your brain
You made sure the lamp
was decorated well, so
well, I can’t ignore
your desires—you throw
dresses at me, wine and rouge
for days, sharp diamonds
that sparkle red seeds on
my skin. You rub me often.

Outside, you insist
the world has ended—the sun
has shrank in fear, and so, too, will I
barrier-free, you-free
But windows are wide, you provided
those. Nothing should be more
transfixing than your story.
And yet

Terese Mason Pierre is a writer, editor and organizer. Her work has appeared in the Hart House Review, Bad Nudes, and Train: a poetry journal, among others. She is currently the poetry editor of Augur Magazine, a Canadian speculative and surrealism literature and art journal. Terese is also a co-host of Shab-e She’r Poetry Night, and a co-organizer of Slant Reading Series. Terese lives and works in Toronto.

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