Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tuesday poem #333 : Luke Bradford : Great Horned Owl

for Anthony Etherin

go! loth wanderer,
    wrangled hooter,
lorn weather-god,
    leeward: go north.
retread (how long?)
    nae old regrowth
nor whorled gate:
    leeward, go north.

another grew old:
    the lorn dowager,
the warlord gone;
    the lord wagoner,
the lard-row gone;
    the orange world,
the oranger wold.
    leeward, go north.

lo! goth wanderer,
    hooted wrangler,
elated, grow horn—
    oh! grow antlered,
(oh! grown altered)
    row, tangled hero,
(oh! tangled rower)
    leeward: go north.

how terra longed
     (how golden, terra)
to harrow legend,
     to lead her wrong.
how terra longed
     (how golden, terra):
the orange world
     another red glow.

oh! gentled arrow,
    loathed, regrown,
dart erelong (how
    long?) toward here.
oh! let danger row
    thee, lorn war-god,
regaled two-horn,
    leeward: go north.

oh, row! let danger
    adorn thee; growl,
glow, ardent hero,
    long-eared, wroth:
dart erelong (how
    long?) toward here.
go: a netherworld
    doth glow, nearer...

Luke Bradford is an experimental poet living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His latest collection of constrained poetry, Glossology, is available for free download as a PDF or for purchase as a book at lukebradford.xyz/glossology. His work has been published by Penteract Press, Spacecraft Press, and Timglaset.

the Tuesday poem is curated by rob mclennan

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