Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday poem #147 : Phinder Dulai: n.e. 209236

product profile – a fine piece of real estate for silent investors


this would be entered into the guiness book of infinite records

the surface
peer underneath
to seek
a one-time
leave a hole
as a

could colonize
the surface
with an s.a.

a great walled city
an intricate
of efficiency

covering each livable and lived surface mile

with a terrible beauty
a ornamental cell
sus stay nd
ready for
and before this

each livable and lived mile

pathways imagined
coated with asphalt, concrete, cement
heavy with intent

as dense
as old growth
from haida gwaii

civic splendor
an inter-connected slab of dominance
will burden the ground
at this centre
of a benign smile

another s.a.

will deliver a party justice
feed an election
source out new income
from time elsewhere
house the
of e-transfers
and keep a worthy and high value transfer list

beyond the horizon
beyond the nine spheres
beyond the line of sight
beyond the light of sound
beyond the observable moment
in a farther place
where distance is silence
where no one might look
for these deeds
to be done

Phinder Dulai is a BC-based author of the poetry collection dream / arteries (Talonbooks) and two previous books of poetry: Ragas from the Periphery (Arsenal Pulp Press, 1995) and Basmati Brown (Nightwood Editions, 2000). His most recent work has been published in Canada and Beyond, Canadian Literature and Cue Books Anthology. He has also  recently collaborated on a sound installation called The Grove – A Spatial Narrative, with artists Carmen Papalia and Andrew Lee, and installed at the Surrey Art Gallery, British Columbia, Canada. He has presented on his work in Canada, USA, and in other parts of the world. His work has appeared in Ankur, Matrix, Memewar Magazine, Rungh, The Capilano Review, Canadian Ethnic Studies, Toronto South Asian Review, subTerrain, and West Coast LINE. Dulai is a co-founder of the Surrey-based interdisciplinary contemporary arts group The South of Fraser Inter Arts Collective (SOFIA/c).

the Tuesday poem is curated by rob mclennan

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