Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday poem #86 : Mercedes Eng : my anti/gentrification sampler

A    affordable home ownership
B    business improvement assoc.
C    community benefits agreement
D   downtown ambassadors
E    economic development
F   fixed rate
G   greenest city
H   heritage incentives
I    interest free
J    job opportunities
K   kick em while they’re down
L    luxury condo
M   mortgage
N   nimby
O   organic produce/d by the poor
P    public/private partnerships
Q   quality of life
R   revitalization
S   social enterprise
T   ticketing
U  universities
V  value
W  warrant checks
X  xanax
Y  youyouyouyouyou
Z  zoning
A    accumulation
B    bourgeois sanctuary
C  communize
D  displacement
E  eviction
F  food security
G  gentrification
H   homes not prisons!
I  inclusion
J  justice
K  Keynesian economics
L  landlord
M  mobilize
N  neighbours
O  organize
P    public/private policing
Q  quality of life
R  real estate speculation
S  social housing now!
T  tenant rights
U  unceded Coast Salish land
V  values
W  women’s memorial march
X  xenophobia
Y  yuppies and yes men
Z  zero sum game

Mercedes Eng is a writer and teacher in Vancouver, Coast Salish territory. Eng's first book of poetry, Mercenary English (CUE, 2013), is described as a "risky and profoundly unsettling work of 'autocartography'". Her work has appeared in various literary and critical journals, chapbooks, public art projects, and protests.

the Tuesday poem is curated by rob mclennan

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