Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Tuesday poem #70 : Stan Rogal : WHEN THE NIGHT IS STILL

Siv Cedering Fox

            “But the angel of death is somewhere,
            watering my flowers”

Ever.  Ever.  Ever
between the light light & the dark dark
indeterminate dusk insinuates
          its juggled act of balls & breasts
performs its awed acrobatic
picture a stalked figure caught just so
not another tall cool glass of water
stood unaffected at the echoed edge
rather, a body wrapped ecstatic in pallid leotard
the back arched & (as if in the very throes) 
the head tossed back, the hair let down, the milky neck
exposed to whatever night shade
the tempered chest swollen
     slight; slightly
               barely nippling the fabric
arms are bent stems creeping toward filigree fingers
which unfurl in the shape of wings
a vase of narrow hips bone the sunk belly
the flat ass
the crotch images a narcissus bulb
struggling to surface
within this upset frieze
who would desire to slip its tight skin
is burned at both ends
below, a tattoo of hands grip the calves & root the legs
above, what might be taken for a black glove clapped
across the hungered mouth
          is a shadow leaned liquid from the flowered curtain
pouring itself either
                         into or out of
the petalled lips

Stan Rogal was born in the mythic city of Vancouver and now resides in concrete Toronto. His work has a appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies in Canada, the US and Europe. He is also the author of 19 books: 4 novels, 4 story and 11 poetry collections, though only a select few are aware of this fact. His latest book is a collection of short stories titled, Obsessions, with Leaping Lion Books. The poem(s) in Dusie are from a collection of poems and prose poems titled, "after words."

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