Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tuesday poem #31 : Robert Swereda : from .:. Flood poems ( Calgary 2013 )

an ignored canvas
justifies your landscape

howling warmth I wouldn`t chose to be
dirt, a historic high anthem for uninhibited
follow the action from a perch
wiring unbraced glimpses
hotbed method come under dispel
surrounding aims for two-prong purpose

wanted sand, different kind of film
gravel: the following year
in your respective hovels shut inside force
plunged into tenor confessions
fell into rebuffed shifts- traditional gatherings
scenarios and ocean neighbours

collect. remind me of being out running into
note pushing pinnacle
long exposure realm of ridicules promises
none of those hands
toward uniformity
where origins gather

Author of re: verbs (Bareback editions) and a chapbook ionlylikeitwhenitrhymes, Robert Swereda is a member of the Filling Station collective. He studied creative writing at Capilano University in Vancouver. Other work has been published by The Puritan, ditch, West Coast Line, The Incongruous Quarterly, steel bananas, The Capilano Review, Enpipe Line and Poetry Is Dead.

the Tuesday poem is curated by rob mclennan

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