Friday, November 28, 2008

Recently Acquired &Available for Review!

Review a Dusie Press Book or chap and publish it at another review and you will receive another trade paperback as well, your Dusie choice! If you have a copy of the book and want to review it, please do ! For copies that are not available, please send a query as I may be able to secure one!

*soon to be updated! if you want to review a book please backchannel!

email me direct for more info: dusieli [at] gmail [dot] com

*available copies for review and/or pdf copy review... in exchange, books!

:::Chaps/Book-Art/ Objects:::

* Spell/ing ( ) Bound, Cara Benson, Kai Fierle-Hedrick and Kathrin Shaeppi, poetic matter, book-art object Ellectrique Press, Basel 2008 ***
* UP, Cara Benson, Cy-Gist Press/Dusie Chap Kollektiv, 2008
Art is War, Anne Boyer, Mitzvah Chaps, 2008
* Humoresque, E. Tracy Grinnell, Blood Pudding Press/Dusie Chap Kollektiv, 2008***
*Articulate How, Catherine Wagner, BIG GAME BOOKS/Dusie Chap Kollektiv, 2008***
*from here, Zoe Skoulding/Simonetta Moro, ypolita/dusie chap, 2008***
*Turning, Mark Lamoureaux, frolic & detour press/dusie chap, 2008***
*Spells, a Ceremony Above, Arielle Guy dusie chap, 2008***
*Book of Silhouettes, Anna Fullford Dusie Chap 2008***
* Like the Native Tongue the Vanquished, Brownwen Tate, Cannibal Books,**

*Metaphors for Miscarriage, Mackenzie Carignan CR79 Books/Dusie Chap Kollektiv 2008,
.compilate. j/j hastain, livestock editions, 2008

*The Stars on the 7:18 to Penn, Ana Bozicevic, Ellectrique Press/Dusie Chap Kollektiv, 2008***
*Lost Workbook w/Letters to Deer, Catherine Meng, auch/Dusie Chap Kollektiv, 2008***
Kunst zu TEXTEN, Andrew Shields mit KUNST zu Texten Claudio Moser, 2/2 Darling Editions, Köln,

(sorted by author surnames, alphabetically)

*Correspondance With Nobody, Anne Blonstein, Ellectrique Press, Basel 2008
* In the Bird Museum, Kristy Bowen, Dusie Press Books, 2008
The Romance of Happy Workers, Anne Boyer. Coffee House Press,
Hemogenic Love Poems, Jules Boykoff, Heretical Texts/Factory School
*T=I=D=Y Language, Daniel Bradley Outlands, 2008
*Holiday, Jennifer Firestone, Shearsman
*The Tree of No, Sandy Florian Action Books, 2008
*Tinderbox Lawn, Carol Guess ROSE METAL PRESS, 2008
Holy Land, Rauan Klassnik, Black Ocean 2008
that gorgeous feeling, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Coconut Books 2008

: ab ovo :
jenn mccreary, Dusie Press Books, 2008
Novaless, Nicholas Manning, Otoliths, 2008
My Zorba, Danielle Pafunda, BLOOF Books,
* STRATA, Joe Ross, Dusie Press Books, 2008
Book Left Open in the Rain, Barry Schwabsky, Brooklyn Rail Blacksquare Editions,
Warsaw Bikini, Sandra Simonds BLOOF Books,
* The Singers, Logan Ryan Smith, Dusie Press Books, 2007
Stephanie Strickland Ashanta Press,
*Wardolly, Elizabeth Treadwell Chax Press, 2008
Cornstarch Figurine, Elizabeth Treadwell, Dusie Press Books, 2006
Heron/Girlfriend, Jen Tynes Coconut Books,

: : :Anthologies: : :

Letters to Poets: Conversations about Poetics, Politics, and Community, Firestone, Jennifer & Dana Teen Lomax, eds Saturnalia Books, 2008

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