Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tuesday poem #276 : Laressa Dickey : (Bolsena 1969)

—after Cy Twombly

John ran hard through the door and busted it open.
The bulb was easy to smash with his little hands.
Icarus on Tuesday or the Lord himself come for breakfast.
Bacon, eggs. The smell of wool and aftershave.
Eighteen feet of bailing twine. Plot
Measurements for caskets; for seed beds;
And the devil with it all. The name
Of David. Jump.

Laressa Dickey [photo credit: Dina Debbas] is a writer based in Berlin. She’s the author of several chapbooks including A Piece of Information About His Invisibility (MIEL) as well as three poetry books: Bottomland, ROAM and Twang.

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