Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Tuesday poem #92 : Christine Stewart : This— from Treaty Six

They look at what they see

This valley

I broke this it shattered

Standing there

Twenty feet to the left that will upset everyone

Those rocks like that

This river

This bending from here

That meeting

To their free time against this one you would do so

Because they were very cold under

That bridge in their free time

This one from there and that one under is better

To the right of that they threw it

Toward this river they ate that

Next to from which their free time shifts this water shifts this

Sound and so will I

Because I was very cold by this sand

Settling in that bend

I was very cold

Those ravens


They go that way

Two through like this

Across this river snow muffles that

They are like here through air muffled

Two through like this

I will do it as well

Being as though they are to go through

They change

It is very kind of them to come

These beavers

That sudden they would do so

Changes this a slice

Nearly that quickly

Through there

These coyotes

And they thought the better of it

But it is all of which they taught

That they were in a hurry yet

Kindly have it joined as they mind

These magpies

An imitation

By which they need

As they are alike

These buffalo berries

How do you do?

 By which shaking

 They hurry

  By which they kindly lay down

  Thank you

These spruce

Then at once each

Pleasing each

One fell before that another and another

And the wind

How do you do

Those deer prints

These clouds as well arranged

This sky as cold following

That bank brown and different in shape

This crayfish

Once at a glance and the water water by them

Those rocks

Or while they went they gathered more

These boatmen

It is will that wills them that water and their pleasure

That geese place

To submit to this joining in this pleasure together

This big beaver house

I am here now directly although it is cold in the evening

That old beaver house

Before recently yesterday they went back back and forth

This cliff

It is there it whistles it is not narrow.

Those eagles

Then not only at a distance and with nearly

In which and because it suits them to fan

It is very well to go up and look down

That they could please that they see

Where it is better that they are there

They look at what they see

They look very long

They care for it of course they care for it

These rocks

 Or they make it plain by their own time

This river

Well and welcome as the day which when the sun shines

                                         Makes water grow or covers others more

Those buffalo

Often as evening is as light

                As once for all

                         Think of how how often how many

                                        And they like it here plainly

These owls

At a distance they are

There with them.

And to be interested and to be with them

They will be very well

It is a call resting very well

Thank you


With a gracious wish they will establish their independence of killing they are coming and not waiting.

Christine Stewart studies and teaches experimental poetics and creative research at the University of Alberta. She is also a member of the Writing Revolution in Place Research Collective.  Selected publications: from Taxonomy. West House Press. Pessoa's July: or the months of astonishments. Nomados Press. The Trees of Periphery. above/ground press. Virtualis: Topologies of the Unreal. BookThug, and The Humanist with Red Nettle Press (forthcoming).

the Tuesday poem is curated by rob mclennan

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