Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday poem #54 : Rachel Blau DuPlessis : Letter 9: Dear R,

Dear R—

and here's another other alphabet.

Leap into your excess
and compound the crisis. Deepen it.
                        It’s language talking through
itself --
to the void then. In which
this all takes shape.
                        (You the tube from end to end for echoing.)

Language wants language.
It uses us. It might as well.
But agency is ours to tell.
This is an endless process
of turning inside out and reaching back:
                        alimentary, my dear R.

The whole story of creation
is a displacement (a mystification?)
from actual human fabrication. Thus
“Stolen wages built this State.”

The cadence of a slogan
helps make (make do with?)
this cross-hatched system.
For still the objects made
stare back: it is their aura
                        (which is our labor once removed)

that makes us weep
and weep surprised
until all dry of tears
but not of care.

[from Interstices. Subpress, 2014]

Rachel Blau DuPlessis [photo of the author reading at Kelly Writers House in Sept. 2013, taken by Al Filreis] is the author of the long poem Drafts. Her newest book is Surge: Drafts 96-114 (2013) from Salt <saltpublishing.com>. The first  of several "interstitial" works, Interstices is due from Subpress in 2014. Also in 2013, translations of Drafts into Italian and French were published: Dieci Bozze (trans. Morresi) from Vydia editore and Brouillons (twenty works trans. Auxeméry) from José Corti.  She is also the author of the feminist critical trilogy, The Pink Guitar, Blue Studios, and Purple Passages.

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