Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday poem #24 : Hugh Thomas : Juvenile Ode

In a long widow thirst stuck,
from Jordan's midst red and growing,
and with ivy crowned the impossible person's
      silver-armed trap.

Foot sparks tankless in swamp.  A museum of natural history
flourishes in freedom.  Like fish-flies
trees' crooked roots go out of tune and love
      scrambles away.

Horses' wild flight his late cup
fluttering out of the frost, as
lying days came in a crowd to bathe their clocks
      in the evening light.

Believed by no one, having seen a geyser
shoot from the stone brook like T. and know
something forgotten under his innermost skin
      listing towards hope.

Hugh Thomas is a Canadian poet and translator.  He teaches mathematics at the University of New Brunswick --Fredericton.  Three chapbooks of his poetry are available: Mutations, published by BookThug, Heart badly buried by five shovels, published by Paper Kite Press, and Opening the dictionary, published by above/ground press. 

the Tuesday poem is curated by rob mclennan

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