Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Tuesday poem #480 : James Yeary : 26 from 31 autobiographical statements



Those feet of yours are all the talk
everything that is already missing
arranged into a word and placed north of the canopy

it attacks the respiratory system
introducing its own layers and lenses

Come join us here under the mask of the living
soft red deer scalp
fox bright and dark alternating

around the eyes
little soul nap

            midnights with the rain goddess in Florida
reckoning tweets in a loop

            love has broken down our mentation
many flavors including chastisement

                        nuance, after all
is not speciation

There just aren't that many types



James Yeary is a poet and visual artist, who makes works primarily in the serial poem and epistolary collage. He is a laboratory assistant in a pathology department of the medical-industrial complex. Recent chapbooks include S/2004 N1 (The Magnificent Field), Hawai’i (cielocanth), Sonnet for Edith Jarolim (spitch press) and The 66,512 (above/ground).

the Tuesday poem is curated by rob mclennan

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