Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Tuesday poem #410 : Edric Mesmer : love , a context—


requires no coordinates— no crust
of graphic—

desires no tonality— no gist

remembers no mnemonics— no test
of rubric—

harkens no littoral—  no coast-
al bivouac—

yet dreams often— of iconoclasts
          in transit—

threads along , unwoven— past
          a cachette—

disorders specimens— gust
          a yellowjacket—

regrets indifference— that ballet

and then forgets— trysts
and fatalism—

cargo of lockets— encaust-
ic residuum—

untrammeled referent— east/west
set out from—

until at last , a guest
come home—




Edric Mesmer works as a cataloger for the Poetry Collection at the University at Buffalo, where he edits the Among the Neighbors pamphlet series on little magazines. Now & Then, is out now from BlazeVOX (Buffalo, 2020).

the Tuesday poem is curated by rob mclennan

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