Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tuesday poem #260 : Madhur Anand : Influence is Infinitely Circuital: a found poem

The formerly abused have moved
to action. Tabooed circumstances
matter. It is against my principles
to ignore it.  Nowadays the current
is instantaneous, a curl
of expression. Reversal arises.
The attractive repel one another.
A working agent follows
the bodies pushed together
by translational motion.
It may be worth distorting the lines.
There is only so much latitude.

There are the portions, vanishing, the necessary
smallness, the debatable
amount of needless pressure.
Mystery does not enlighten us in the least
and we are wasted by friction.
A single moving particle,
scarcely any physics in it,
suggests something better.
Personal identity lends itself
to great exhaustion.
Ignore it then by saying
we fall together.

Heaviside, Oliver. (1893) A Gravitational and Electromagnetic Analogy Part I, The Electrician, 31: 281-282

Madhur Anand’s debut book of poems A New Index for Predicting Catastrophes (McClelland & Stewart, 2015) was a finalist for the Trillium Book Award for Poetry and listed by CBC as one of 10  “trailblazing” Canadian poetry collections to read. Her award-winning prose has appeared in a number of magazines including The PuritanBrick, and The New QuarterlyMore recent poems have appeared in The WalrusCarte Blanche and CNQShe currently serves as poetry editor for CNQ.

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