Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday poem #120 : Elizabeth Treadwell : 3 from Penny Marvel & the book of the city of selfys

selfy as both anchorite and mermaids

the horizon’s vague, strict in my masquerade, my shy
passersby— famous anchorites, when we were
the bright imaginaries of the dawn—
awash in this, our softest lexicon—
piercing the lacy portals of an ancient remnant—
tiny beings as we glisten, curving

selfy as a painful exciting atlas

nurse junctures haven’tsea, hidden extremely songs:
very old folk motion, the animals, the plants, and stillness—
fashion geranium play, since jobby, but again, typical, decent, essay—
given jewellery, obsolete lucky outside
current expansion theory—
what kind, daily, there’sanew
able, library, sorts

selfy as the duchess of normcore

the gnostics give birth to him again and again,
forever normcore, in the sacred cave of
subjectivity and wifely splendor, whereby
doctrine cauldron
oak damsels magpie entrail—
the nymph echo
as the fish
and the rivers

Elizabeth Treadwell's latest book is Posy: a charm almanack & atlas and a career-spanning selection appears in the new anthology Out of Everywhere 2. The poems for today's Dusie are from a new manuscript, other materials toward which reside at pennymarvel.tumblr.com.

the Tuesday poem is curated by rob mclennan

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