Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday poem #102 : Chus Pato (trans Erín Moure) : Goal

from Flesh of Leviathan, translated from Galician by Erín Moure

You disappear
“we’ll miss our connection we’ll miss our connection
we’ll miss”
it’s a powerful song in its error
and arid and persuasive
but the voice
exactly like that of stammering girls
of those in the throes of dying
recorded voices
those of apparitions
those of the newborn
the song’s not
What I write is the vanishing
into the body that the voices dictate
into its possibility
I write the voice as if a foreign country
“we’ll miss the train we’ll miss we’ll miss
we’d rather sleep here we’d rather”
mermaids who travel

we’d abandon the oars
and all government
lashed to the mast

Galician poet Chus Pato’s (Ourense, 1955—) sixth book, m-Talá, broke the poetic mould in Galicia in 2000. Hordes of Writing, the third text in her pentalogy Decrúa (Tilth or Arable), received the 2008 Spanish Critics’ Prize, and the Losada Diéguez Prize in 2009. She was voted 2013 Author of the Year by the Galician Booksellers' Association. One of the most revered and iconoclastic figures in Galician and European literature, Pato continues to refashion the way we think of the poetic text, of words, bodies, political and literary space, and of the construction of ourselves as individual, community, nation, world. Secession (BookThug 2014) is her fourth book to be translated into English (all by Erín Moure) and her first published in Canada. Her most recent book and the final volume of the pentalogy, Flesh of Leviathan, will appear in Moure's English translation from the US press Omnidawn in 2016.

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