Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Tuesday poem #61 : Lisa Samuels : A bird in a plane

Sitting on a park bench is a form of publishing

rather than an endless set of bills resembling human

emotions as like a totally real event in character,

in tangible vials of Significance and maybe, maybe

the public sphere imagines like Humanishment

nourishing out emoticons, our knees in space

tumult a body’s unmistakeable exchange

for noises from without, Authentic Circles

wheeling circumambient claps ping

on the ears a Rain of Angels,

sand cake Opposition Figures

crossed by little bodies squiggling

on your eyes tra la! real things

to give our cogito

Lisa Samuels has published nine books, most recently Wild Dialectics (Shearsman 2012) and Anti M (Chax 2013), as well as soundwork, chapbooks, and critical essays and editing work. Since 2006 she has taught literature, theory, and creative writing at The University of Auckland in Aotearoa / New Zealand. Recent video work is at the November issue of The Volta [<http://www.thevolta.org/>]; also in November cellist Noemi Boutin [<http://www.noemiboutin.com/>] will perform a “singing cello” adaptation of poetry from Wild Dialectics, translated and set to music by French composer Frédéric Pattar [<http://brahms.ircam.fr/frederic-pattar >].

Electronic Poetry Center: epc.buffalo.edu/authors/samuels

Pennsound: writing.upenn.edu/pennsound/x/Samuels.php

Academia.edu: auckland.academia.edu/LisaSamuels

the Tuesday poem is curated by rob mclennan

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