Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday poem #81 : David McGimpsey : "You talk like we shouldn't be pelting you with wet sacks of garbage"

So far out in the Mohave Desert

there were only two radio stations:

Christian and Christian Pop,  I air guitar

the tune to "It's Chilltown, My Chill Saviour".

Choosing chili verde or colorado

would have destroyed Solomon. Should I die

because I couldn't choose between a mirror

and a better, more cost-effective, mirror?

If you put a massive lump of grey hair

on a potato you wouldn't be able

to distinguish it from me. Potato

do, potato re, potato so, fa.

Though the dust I hear of Bro Vegas

and that the ex is killing it at Keno;

a granite mountain gives up many stones,

"O Totes Cool Lord You're Terribly Awesome".

David McGimpsey is the author of five collections of poetry including Li'l Bastard (Coach House Books) which was nominated for Canada's Governor General's Award. He is also the author of the short fiction collection Certifiable and the award-winning critical study Imagining Baseball: America's Pastime and Popular Culture. David McGimpsey lives in Montreal and teaches at Concordia University.

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Jeff B said...

Though or through the dust?

Jeff B said...

though or through the dust?